Friday, June 19, 2009

Needle Tatting

I've started foolin' around with needle tatting. It's pretty fun, and FAST! I'm not missing winding my shuttles! For now I can do simple rings (I attempted a butterfly) and next I will research how to do chains. The weather here in Illinois has been very stormy and I have the weekend off work so I'm going to tat all day! hurray!

Oh and here is just a sneek-peek of what else I've been up too........more to come! :)


Tatman said...

I really like your shuttle tatting and it is good that you are venturing into needle tatting. Lots to explore! But you can use any pattern designed for shuttle and use for needle. To do chains in NT it is easy. Instead of passing the needle through the loop when closing the ring, just keep pulling that thread until it is in the stitches and you have your chain. EASY!!

Leafwoman said...

Awesome earrings!!

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