Thursday, July 9, 2009


I got my Handy Hands letter and catalogue yesterday! The newsletter is full of little motifs and I can't wait to try them out. Some of the motifs would look really good as necklace pendents. Now I can put in an order for 2 or 3 tatting kits for my lessons and possibly some 'Lizbeth thread for more jewelry. I was thinking of a brown/carmel color. My mom had a really good idea for my jewelry; to stick with more earth tones. I have some really pretty beads that I can't wait to put onto thread.

Our tatting 3 class started last night and we worked on split rings. Next week will be clunies and the following week we will learn block tatting. Included in this class was the book 'Oh my Stars' by Kaye Judt. This is such a great book because it takes you through many patterns and teaches you new skills as you go. I can't wait to learn how to block tat! and everything else in the book for that matter!
Here is the pattern that we worked on for split rings. It's from Georgia Seitz's website and it's quite a challenge. There are places where you have to reverse the order of your stitches (over hitch first, then under hitch) but you allow the stitches to flip. The effect is like tatting backwards and looks really nice from the front. It's a good thing that Valentines Days is long way off so I'll have time to practice this pattern before I give 'em away. The pink heart needs to be blocked so that it lays more flat, but it's such a pretty pattern. I'm half tempted to try beads on it. Especially in the center ring from the middle picot....we'll see :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh My Stars! is one of my favorite books! I've been meaning to tat them all in red, white, and blue thread... what's been stopping me?

Have fun with your new order!

Allison & Scout's Savvy Spot said...

I hope you get to tat them soon Diane! I can't wait to do block tatting in two colors! Do we ever stop creating more tatting ideas?!?!?!

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