Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post #90!

WOW! We are ten away from 100 posts everyone!!! How exciting! I've been at this little online journal for over a year now, so one hundred posts a year is not bad at all!

My latest project is just as thrilling! The large, white doily pictured is one of my very first tatted creations in a size 10. Well, a Spring 'Re-Mix' is what I'm going to call this project. I found some lovely light green thread that I think will look nice all tatted up in the same pattern. I've been meaning to start a large doily for a while now and I like the simplicity of this pattern from Be* So here we are! I'm branching out of 'Lizbeth and trying out some OMEGA size 30. I've finished the first round while watching American Idol with the family and eatin' ice cream. After a big test at school, nothin' could be better!
Catch 'ya later!
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