Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Goodies!

I got a new book! I had made a few copies from this book about a year ago and really like how old the patterns look. There are almost 100 patterns in this book and I got it for $10!! What a deal! As it turns out, the pattern for the doily that I'll be showing in the Fair is from this book. When I had just started to tat, one of my earliest attempts using two shuttles was a sunflower doily from this books as well. I did a lot of SLT's to get the colors where I wanted so I had to use A LOT of starch for it to lay flat. What fun memories! All from buying a new book!

I also purchased some new white and soft, mint green size 40 threads. That will be fun to play around with (especially with new patterns from my book!) I have my eye on a couple motif/snowflakes that I'll start this week.

I also finished the doily for the baby shower - pics coming soon!
It's finally a warm, sunny day here in Illinois, so I'm headed out to the garden!
Love from the Midwest,


TypsTatting said...

Seems like you got a real bargain, hope your tatting goes well!!!

BSOTF said...

It's wonderful when you get a book that you like & emjoy so much. To get it for a bargin is even better. I'm so happy for you!

Smart said...

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