Friday, January 21, 2011

Pretty in...Purple

Wow, I feel as if I've been going non-stop for about two weeks now. School has started up and I'm LOVING my classes. Plant Propagation is probably my favorite so far. We're growing Hostas from tissue culture; basically you cut off a piece of leaf, place it in a 'jello-like' medium in a glass test tube and in a month or two a hosta will grow from that little piece! God's creation just gets more and more incredible as I study Horticulture. All that being said, I've still been able to get quite a few little projects going. I'm nearing the last side of my hankie edging. I'm working one a bookmark with two shuttles that is one of my favorite patterns in my favorite color.

But the project that has been the most fun is a purple doily I'm now finishing. It's from Tatting: Patterns and Designs by Blomqvist and Persson. It's been a patience tester! The reason I started it was because I liked the last two rows a lot; the pattern was really cool looking and I'm partial to rounds worked in reverse rings. So I finish the third row and thought for sure that I had messed up. You know how a doily will start to 'cup' when last round you made is tighter then the beginning ones? That happened to this one. I was thinking I'd have to cut it off and start all over, but, to my surprise, it blocked up just fine and I'm going to finished the last row today.  It's been nice to still be able to tat during all the hurried and frenzied time of school. Our family will watch movies after dinner or TV (ever seen Wipeout on ABC? absolutely hilarious! Check out the WEBSITE) and that is my 'no homework zone!'

Have a great weekend! It's been below zero all morning so we are snug inside reading, doing homework, and me...tatting :) Life is good on the farm in Illinois!

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