Monday, June 18, 2012

New Threads & a successful art show

Gosh I just can't say enough good things about HandyHands Tatting!!!!! I ordered 8 new Lizbeth threads, a new book, and IT CAME WITHIN TWO DAYS!!! It was so fun to come home from a day at work to find a package for me on the kitchen counter! They have these great new shuttles called Starlit Shuttles that I can't wait to use!
HandyHands Starlit Shuttles
I also bought Yarnplayers book that has some stunning patterns in it. Very excited...can't wait to start a motif in my new thread! Pineapple Parfait is the new Lizbeth thread that I am most excited about. 


And to top everything off I sold two doilies at the art show yesterday! My boss purchased one medium doily and a small motif. She said she was going to give one as gift and the other she was going to hang in her window. That's a fun new idea that has me thinking of future projects!! ; )

So I'm as happy as a clam - a day off work with new threads and books and shuttles! YIPPEE!!
Have a great day everyone!

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