Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hearts for February

It's February!! AAwww : ) The month for sweethearts and all things PINK! I found some heart patterns in books that I have, but the one I like the best is shown at left. HERE is the link to the Betsy Evans Heart I found on Rexie.com. The dark pink is tatted in the original pattern, where I tatted the lighter pink without the picots on the outer chains.

I liked the light pink little heart so much, I made it into a needle felted pin!
 I am really starting to get the hang of needle felting! I bought a bag of 18 colors from Esther's Place when I took my needle felted hat class in November and have been making little birds, animals and pins! Here is a picture of my felted hat with a green felted flower pin!

We got another inch of snow this morning so while the horses are all tucked in the warm barn, munching on hay, it's time to tat some more!
Have a lovely Tuesday afternoon everyone!


God's Kid said...

Love the hearts!!! :)
And the tatted flower on your hat!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

What a lovely heart you found, I am going to keep this pattern and tat it when I have time

Gunhild said...

The bright pink heart is sooo lovely!Thanky for sharing the link! And the little headflower too! Enjoy your adventures in needle tatting;-))... if you will love to make jewelry, see my books.

Allison said...

THank you ladies! It can be hard to find a tatted heart that has the true heart shape; this pattern is a keeper for sure! Thanks Gunhild! I'm headed over to your blog to have a look at your books now! :)

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