Sunday, August 30, 2009

My First Tatting Demo!

I joined the Prairie Mill Lacemakers Guild and today was my first tatting demo! We were at Genoa's Pioneer Days demonstrating both bobbin lace and tatting. The weather was absolutely fantastic! I think the high today was only 70 degrees and not a cloud in a brilliant blue sky. There were four ladies there today making bobbin lace; Judy, Kate, Maryann, and Millie. I have quite a new respect for all bobbin lacers. It truly takes well rehearsed skills and patience to create the beautiful lace that I saw today. There were bookmarks and edgings that were beyond exquisite.

The picture above is from today of Marleen and I all dressed up in our Pioneer get-ups! We were the two tatters there today. Well actually Marleen started out with bobbin lace and then transitioned onto her shuttles! Marleen was working on an edging that will go around a cameo pin. I started a medium-sized doily that is tatted in a lavender and brown. *Pictures to come* :D

Back at school tomorrow. My poor sister has a pretty bad cold and my dad has allergies so we are laying pretty low tonight. Wishing you all blessing for the upcoming week!


Linda said...

I know you had fun at your demonstration. I'll bet you had all kinds of questions. I've done demonstrations, too, and enjoyed them very much. People are so responsive to tatting because they don't see it done very often. In fact, you might consider demonstrating at a local craft store and get to teach it and make some money, like I did. And I love your piano music, too.

Allison said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post Mrs. Linda!

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