Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Excited!!!

I'm super excited!!! At my new job on the third Sunday of every month we have a garden show where we offer classes (this last month's was container gardens and composting with worms). Next month I will join the ranks of some of the other local artists and show and sell some tatting!!! The gals at work were totally amazed at some of the lace I brought to show them one night. One gal even had an idea to make older Victorian hair pieces! 
So my current projects are making earrings, bookmarks, and headbands! What fun! I'm using the centers of doilies (if they are small enough) and reworking edgings to come up with some fun and unique earring patterns. Pictures to come! But there's lots to tat first! ;) Have a great day, and may all your tatting journeys be blessed!


Highland Monkey's said...

Just came across your blog while hopping in the internet! Have to say your tatting is so pretty. Something else to add to the lengthy todo list!

Allison said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I took a tour around your blog too and your quilts are gorgeous! I love the monkey's too. Very cute! I'm also going to have to try your lemon curd recipe! Have a great weekend!

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