Monday, July 16, 2012

Artist Market and finishing old projects!

 Yesterday was our monthly Artist Market at the garden center where I work and I got to display my tatting and sit and tat for a while! I even talked to a couple ladies who were interested to learn more about tatting classes. Plenty of people there recognized tatting and what it was, which is very cool! I didn't sell anything, but I still enjoy talking to people about tatting.
Pictured above is my current project. I gave this doily to my mom for Mother's Day, but it wasn't totally finished. So I'm adding on the last 3 or 4 rounds. It currently measures 6.5" across and is tatted in her favorite colors. The pink is Lizbeth #145 called Pink Parade and is subtly variegated. I'm REALLY liking the effect that it gives. I have a purple and yellow threads that are also slightly variegated and have some doily patterns in mind to use them in! ; )

It's going to get hot again here in Illinois, so I'll be able to work on Mom's doily while we cool off inside after doing horse chores. Have a marvelous Monday everyone! May all your tatting adventures be blessed!


Kathy Niklewicz said...

It's so great that you got to 'tat and chat' at the market! I love to demonstrate tatting at our events and to show the modern uses for tatting today.

And it's amazing how our 'line of patter' has changed in 20 years (starting in 1990) from "We're trying to keep it alive; it's difficult to find teachers, supplies and books" to "The internet has brought about a huge revival of tatting - we're now connected around the world sharing new ideas, threads, shuttles, patternsn videos", etc. It has been amazing to watch it evolve!

Your doily is so pretty, and a wonderful gift! I did chuckle a bit about the 'horse chores'. At first I thought it was a typo for 'house'. Then I remembered you live on a farm! Not many of us have horse chores! I admire all the horses we see at the local fairs and the dedication of their trainers!

God's Kid said...

That doily is so beautiful!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Its nice to chat to people who have not seen tatting for years since their grandmother did it or have never seen it and knows nothing about it.
Your doily is looking lovely


Allison said...

Kathy, so true! I had a couple people say that it was neat how I was bringing back that 'amost-lost-art with modern colors! Very fun indeed! Yes, we have three horses on our 5-acre hobby farm. They sure keep us busy! Thanks God's Kid and Margaret! The last round is made out of individual tatted diamonds so I can't wait to start that round!

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