Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Busy tatting I forgot to Blog about it!

 I've been tatting so much lately I forgot to write a blog post about it! We have been watching the Olympics after dinner most nights this week so I've had plenty of time with my shuttles. Here are some of my current projects and tattings:
Yarnplayers motif called 'Five Petal Pendent.'

Yellow Headband - about 15" of tatting with some elastic at the ends! I saw this idea on Pintrist and had to try it!
My favorite one! It's Mary Knoior's 'Anniversary' tatted in Lizbeth 'Pineapple Parfait' I am loving how slightly variegated that thread is!
Yarnplayer's 'Wonderous Windows.'
Headbands!! They are so simple and fun to make! Hoping to sell some at the next artist's market!

We are finally getting some rain here in Illinois! More time to tat! The Yarnplayer patterns are from Marilee Rockley's Book "Up and Tat 'Em." Have a great Thursday everyone!



Małgoś 13 said...


God's Kid said...

Everything looks so wonderful!!! I really like the headbands and may try some, but not for quite awhile due to so many things already in the works. :)
And your pendants are so pretty!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

The pendant is beautiful, love the headbands, hope they sell well

Jane McLellan said...

Headbands are a very good idea, pretty and useful.

Fox said...

It all looks terrific! Nice tatting, Allison,
Fox : )

Shirlee said...

How great to be so busy tatting that you forgot to blog about it ... lol! All your projects look great : )

Allison said...

Thank you for all your encouraging comments! Tatting is just too fun! I'm also enjoying learning new techniques! Have a great weekend everyone!

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