Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How blessed I am!

My graduation party was this past Sunday and boy was I blessed. Over 50 people came out to visit the farm! But what I am most excited about is the gift that a good friend gave me. Sarah Lief is a wonderful lady that my mom works with and she is the one that got me started on my tatting journey. She lent me her book and DVD (How to Tat by Janette Baker) in November of 2008 and I was instantly hooked!(no pun intended!) So after I watched the DVD a million times and finally got it, my mom came home from work with information (from Sarah!) about a local quilt shop that offered tatting lessons. I have since taken their Beginners and Intermediate classes and both Sarah and I are anxiously awaiting their third course *Advanced Tattting.* We'll cover split chains and possibly clunies! I can't wait!!!

So now that you've heard the whole story.....On Sunday she gave me these beautiful gardening gloves with delicate pink and green flowers tatted around the wrists!! I was so touched! I'm going into college for a Horticulture degree, majoring in Greenhouse, and so these gloves are the best of both worlds! They are to pretty to use, so I think I'm going to frame them and just stare at 'em! Here are some pics: (Oh, and I finished my butterfly, too!)

Thank you Sarah from the bottom of my heart! You inspire me to keep on tatting and never give up! I hope to see you soon at Basketcases so we can tat and chat! Blessings!! Here is her blog for you to check out: http://currentlytatting.blogspot.com/

We often take what is good in life for granted. But when you are in the midst of a multitude of friends that love you, does not the world seem all the more beautiful? Praises to our Lord for my graduation milestone!!
Bye for now!


TattingChic said...

How exciting that you had so many attendees to your graduation party! Those gardening gloves are beautiful and special! They would even make a cute addition to wall decor for a gardening themed wall! LOL! So sweet! :)

Allison & Scout's Savvy Spot said...

Very true TattingChic! they are just to pretty to use in the dirt!

Leafwoman said...

Allison, pretty the gloves may be, you are supposed to use them! I hope they inspire you to tat and plant beautiful flowers. Andy, Jenni and I had a lovely time at your party. Thanks for being my tatting friend and inspiring me to keep tatting and telling people about the craft. S
p.s. give the ponies a hug for me, especially Eddy, he seemed to like my perfume Sunday lol

Carol Lawecki said...

The gloves are so pretty! Lovely tatted edge.

Congrats on graduating and good luck to you in college!!

Allison & Scout's Savvy Spot said...

Well, Sarah we'll have to see! Were you wearing an essential oil on sunday?? Yes, eddie loves smells!

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