Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Tatting Ideas!

I've been finding so many great patterns on Pinterest that I'm starting to lose track of them all! Are you on Pinterest? You should see all the amazing tatting pattern that are on there. I admit, I do like Pinterest an awful lot. It's like keeping all of your internet favorites all in one spot. Since work has been keeping me busy, and I'm slowly tatting through another antique pattern, I though I'd share some of the patterns I have planned for the summer that I found on Pinterest. 
I'm always so greatful when people share my work and link back to my blog so I've made a post where all the links are provided back to the original tatter and their website!

A picture post is nice to have once and awhile, eh? ; )

Pretty Leaves and Flower by Vinnie's Tattings 
Gorgeous tatted medallion by Rachel, the Piney Woods Tatter

Yes, I have a pair of high-tops that I'm going to cover with lace :) What do you think? I have brown ones that I'm going to use either a size 40 white or size 10 white? Haven't decided yet, but maybe blogging about it will get me to actually start this project! hehe!
Pretty celtic star by Renulek. She has some fantastic motifs with the number of stitches right on the picture. Be sure to stop by her blog!

This is just too pretty NOT to post! Hummingbird pattern by Kathy Lowe

I've been LOVING Jane Eboral's doodles! My favorite has been the gecko!

now THIS is a beautiful cross! This pattern is from Annie's Granny Design called the Josephine Cross.
Here is the link to Marlee's Pattern. I also found this link on Pinterest here  --->  Pretty earring pattern...I wonder if I could turn this into an edging? I really like the square look of the rings within chains...Hmmmm
I LOVE my tatted headbands; I wear them all the time. This post has the brilliant idea to use a ribbon through the ends to tie it around your head. I've tried elastic, hair ties, and small stretchy head bands, but this idea is the prettiest yet! Its from a stunning Polish Blog called DoraThea.

Super pretty tea pot! I think I'm going to have to ask for the Tatting Teapot book by Martha Ess for my birthday! This tea pot is tatted by TattaBuggs Lace.

Pretty Spring tatted mat! From InTatters. I've had some problems trying to log in, so I'll be sure to update once I can log in.

This has been fun! HERE is a link to my tatting board! Be sure to follow me and I'll see what you've been finding on Pinterest too!
That's all for now! Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!


s loyd said...

Pinterst is fantastic. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with the quantity of tatting pins. Then I forget that I pinned something and end up with four or five pins of the same thing. I guess that means I really do like it. Lol

Allison said...

I've done that too! I like a pin so much I pin it more then once...and on multiple boards too!

s loyd said...

I had one board for all my tatting pins. I could not find anything! I just finished creating "themed" boards so I can find things. Have you seen the tatted President Lincoln? Amazing!,,

Anna - Koroneczka said...

Allison, this is the pattern earrings Marilee Rockley


Allison said...

S Loyd, I DID see the tatted Lincoln! That just blew me away!

Thank you for the link Anna!

Susan Hook said...

Hi Alison,I tried to join pinterest, I managed to log in but somehow couldn't work out what to do, I will have to have another go. I am a member of in tatters so I will look for you. The tea pot design is my favoutite it is so pretty.

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