Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lark's Head Knot

When I run out of thread on one my shuttles, here is how I add new thread with minimal knots and hiding ends :) I learned this trick when I first started tatting and thought I'd share it with ya'll

The ring where I ran out of thread

Whenever possible, I try to stop tatting at a ring when I run out of thread. The Larks Head Knot can work with if you stop at a chain, but I find that it's easier to tie the knot onto a ring. So this is where I use the Larks Head Knot that I learned from Baker in her book 'Learn to Tat.' It's super easy, the knot looks like a tatted double stitch, and you'll never guess that there are ends hiding under the stitches of your ring and chain.

Step One

Step one: Insert the new thread that you will be joining through the ring from front to back. Come down and to the left of the other threads. Then lay the thread over all other threads to it's sitting on top.

Step Two

Step Two: Now bring the thread through the same ring from back to front. Go under the thread that was laid on top of the other threads from step one.

Step Three

Step Three: Pull the knot good and tight and you've completed the Larks Head Knot!!! I'll show you the next step= how you hide those extra thread ends.

close up of the Larks Head Knot pulled tight

Close up of the Lark's Head knot pulled tight. You shouldn't be able to see it. This is one of the best parts about this knot because it looks like a completed stitch!

Step Four: Trim Ends

The next steps are how to hide the thread ends from the knot you just made.

Step Four: Now trim the extra ends to about one inch long. This is a good length because you will have to work with the ends. Don't trim them too short just yet!

Step Five: tat over the ends

Step Five: Now you are ready to start the next piece of the pattern. It's the same instructions whether you are tatting a ring or a chain. In these pictures, I'm starting another ring. So tat the first half of the stitch and pull the ends through the knot once it's flipped. I just use the end of my shuttle to pull them through. Tat the second half and pull the ends through again. You'll pull the ends through the stitches for three to four double stitches.

Tat two and a half stitches and you are ready to trim the ends

This is just personal preference, but I tat two full stitches plus one first half of a double stitch. Now you are ready to trim off the ends.

Close up of two double stitches plus one half stitch. Trim the ends right up against the last half stitch.

Step Six: finish the stitch to hide the ends

Step Six: Now finish the second half  of the stitch over the little ends you just made by cutting the ends. THAT is how the ends are hidden! In the second half of the double stitch.

Here is a close up of the finished stitches. You can't even tell that there are ends hidden in those stitches!

So I finished my ring according to the pattern and VIOLA!!! You've joined a full shuttle to your work and you can't even tell!

I will tell you that sometimes I pull too hard and the ends do come out, but as long as the Larks head knot holds and you've joined to the next ring or chain with pictos, your tatting should stay put and connected. This is such a great trick that I thought I'd share it with everyone!

Here is the rest of the pattern I'm working on. I'm LOVING the last round. It's one of those patterns and is tricky to tat and a good challenge and looks SO pretty! It's tatted continuously, so there's no 'make a million motifs, join them together' round. Hope you are all have a glorious Saturday!
Blessings from the Prairie State!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lace from POLAND!

Yesterday a package was delivered to us from our relatives in Texas.  It was a medium sized box and we were so excited to open it up. Yes, it was a box of lace!!! My Aunt Janis was cleaning out an old trunk when she found a whole stack of lace that came from Poland from way up in my family tree! How exciting is that!?

There were some pieces from the 20s and 30s too like two of these really awesome crocheted hats! Most of the lace is crocheted, but there are pillow case edgings, doilies, tea towels with edgings, and doily place mats. But the pieces that I am most excited about are the pitcher covers! I've had a dear friend of mine as for a tatted pitcher cover and now I have one to model mine after! So excited, had to share!


Pitcher Cover

Beautiful Pitcher cover! I can't wait to try to make one!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Artist Market and finishing old projects!

 Yesterday was our monthly Artist Market at the garden center where I work and I got to display my tatting and sit and tat for a while! I even talked to a couple ladies who were interested to learn more about tatting classes. Plenty of people there recognized tatting and what it was, which is very cool! I didn't sell anything, but I still enjoy talking to people about tatting.
Pictured above is my current project. I gave this doily to my mom for Mother's Day, but it wasn't totally finished. So I'm adding on the last 3 or 4 rounds. It currently measures 6.5" across and is tatted in her favorite colors. The pink is Lizbeth #145 called Pink Parade and is subtly variegated. I'm REALLY liking the effect that it gives. I have a purple and yellow threads that are also slightly variegated and have some doily patterns in mind to use them in! ; )

It's going to get hot again here in Illinois, so I'll be able to work on Mom's doily while we cool off inside after doing horse chores. Have a marvelous Monday everyone! May all your tatting adventures be blessed!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My first bling shuttles!

Two beautiful blingged shuttles and a bookmark
 My package arrived from Diane (LaceLovin'Librarian) yesterday! I'm so excited to own my first pair of 'blingged' shuttles from her! They are so pretty and I can't wait to use them. Thank you so very much again Diane!

Tatting Bag from Diane

This bag is sooo cute! and fits shuttles and balls of thread, and scissors!

Here are some of my other current tattings :o) More celtic motifs and a new edging! It's been so hot here I'm starting to think about fall as we wait for cooler weather.

Another Celtic Motif in larger white thread

Pumpkin Edging!
 It's been so hot out I've had plenty of time to tat between chores on the farm, watering gardens, and swimming with my sister in the pool. I got a hankie from my mum that I'm going to tat an edging for so I'm trying out some new patterns from Handy Hands newsletters and Barbara's book Embellishing with Edgings.
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