Friday, March 25, 2011


Here's what I've created from the pearl beads I found the other day!

This will be a white dangle earring. The thread is a size 40 :)
I'm actually pretty excited about these earrings! I know that they are not tatted but I have a pair that looks just like them that I bought. I liked them so much I thought I'd try my had a recreating them... WITH PEARLS!

Another view
With all of these patterns and ideas running through my mind I'm thinking about opening my Etsy shop...we'll see. That might be a good thing to do over the summer. Right now, I gotta get ready for finals....
Bye Ya'll!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trash Vs. Treasure?

You know that saying, "One's man trash is another man's treasure?" Well that is totally what happened to me today! I was sitting in the computer lab working on semester projects at school and there was a young gal sitting next to me. She got up to get something out of the printer at the end of the long table of PCs and a ton of faux-pearl beads feel out of her pocket! She said to the guy next to her, 'Yeah, my necklace broke and I shoved the beads in my pocket." Se then presumed to sweep up the pearl beads and halfheartedly brushed them under her desk. She obviously didn't want them anymore because she just left them there when she was done using the computer. Immediately my mind was like 'I bet I could tat something with those....' So I picked up about 40 of them and took them home with me. There are even three different sizes,  large, medium and small ones. I was so tickled! FREE BEADS!! It just struck me funny how artsy-craftsy people can view things so differently then others. For me, it's really about seeing a material in it's raw element and wondering 'how can I make something out of that?" It's put a smile on my face all day and I can't wait to create something with them!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something new!!!!!!!!!

I was experimenting the other day with a long piece of tatted edging and had an idea inspired by God's Kid on her Post. I had a skinny, tan headband that I never really liked so why not cover it up with tatting! Thanks for the idea Sue!

New Pattern!

I recently made a purchase on Esty from Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry. The pattern is her Spanish Dancer earrings and I've already finished one and am playing around with a second one. I've always loved all the different colors that she makes these earrings in and have a few pairs planned out with matching beads. You know how you have that one shirt that makes you feel so confident because you love it? I'm going to make a pair of pale pink earrings to match! So thanks to Krystle and her efforts on Etsy! Keep it up! I love your creations! Be sure to check out her Blog as well :)

But for now here are some of the colors I've been playing around with. I love the rusted gold vintage look with sage greens, browns, golds, and the like, so perhaps I'll even have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new beads!

Have a great weekend! TAT ON!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was recently blessed in an unexpected way that has put a smile on my face for three days now! I received an email from a homeschooling mom that used to be involved in the same home-school co-op as us, called Hallstrom Home School Workshops. This is the co-op that I graduated High School from and during the time I was there, I sold some of my tatted ornaments, bookmarks, and various other bits and pieces at the science fair. This lovely lady remembered that I tatted and blessed me by giving her grandmother's threads and shuttles. There was even a Workbasket Pattern Book in the bag too! I've started on the project on the cover of the book and am using one of the larger, size 10, white threads. It was just sweetest thing and I am always amazed at how God blesses us in the most unexpected ways. Blessings to you Mrs. Fine! Thank you so very much for the threads! and I'll keep you all updated on what I use some of the new threads for! I especially can't wait to use the soft pink in the center of the picture! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!! No school for a week =  time on the farm with my amazing family, tatting, tea, a good book (A Reason For God by Timothy Keller, a new favorite author of mine).

I can't believe that it's Wednesday already and my break is coming to a close. I am proud to say that during my break I was busy doing...nothing. It was so nice to relax and go about my day with the rhythm and pace of the farm and not have to worry about school. The past two weeks before break where nothing short of crazy, and I have a new job so this week has been such a blessing. I've spent time with the family, been busy outside with the horses and enjoying being home. Home is such a good place to be and I have to thank my parents dearly, for making our home a place that me and my sister want to be all the time. Sure I got out with some friends and went to my Bible study, but there is nothing like just coming home.

I've been tatting a lot and to the left is a doily that is all finished. I actually made another one, in the same pattern, but a different color. It was a quick and easy one so that's why, I thought, 'Hey, why not make another one!?'

My mom, sister, and I recently discovered PBS' 'Texas Ranch House' and 'Colonial House' series. The show takes 3 families and places them in a home of that time period (1867 for the ranch house) and they have to live and survive like the settlers for 2-4 months! It's a really entertaining show so I've gotten to tat while we watch that.

Well, with it being a gorgeous day outside I think I'll sign off here and meet up with you later!
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