Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stawasz Doily Progress

The size 30 light green doily is progressing....slowly. I'm on the last round. It's not the last round in the pattern, but I'm just about out of thread in this color that it's a nice place to stop.
I've been working on this project for so long that I think it's high time to start something new and exciting! So out come the Christmas patterns and start something fresh! I've also got a hankie that needs and edging that is something that I can take with and work on at work.

Hope everyone is well around you and have a lovely start to the week!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Size 30 Stawasz Doily

 Oh dear! Has it really been three weeks since my last blog post! YIKES! Here's what I'm working on: another doily from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures. This is the doily that is on the cover of the book. It's being tatted in size 40 Lizbeth in 'Sea Green' (number 686). It's been one of those projects that for me, I don't find my mistakes until 3 or 4 rings later and I am then faced with the age-old decision of cutting it up and doing it right or just keep going. Thankfully this thread is REALLY forgiving so I've just kept going. ; ) I'm enjoying this pattern because it's not your 'typical' doily pattern; the rings and chains are not symmetrical which gives it a nice shape. The scallops in this center part has great movement to it. There are 11 rounds and I'm on round 4! It should be a nice sized piece when finished!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I'm looking forward to a day out with my mom at one of my favorite garden centers tomorrow! Have a lovely day everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Found a Tat-a-long!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I got my August newsletter from and wanted to share the link to her tat-a-long with you all. I highly recommend Nancy's Newsletter; she always has a recipe to share as well as a tatting pattern in every letter. She even has specials and coupons! Be sure to check out her website HERE and sign up! and HERE is the link to the doily I'm workin' on. I'm tatting it in Lizabeth size 10 in Herbal Garden (No. 179). Pics to follow!
Tatting: Tatted Doily row 1
Photo courtesy of - this piece was tatted by Nancy Tracy


Saturday, August 3, 2013


 My Goodness! What a week!

It's been a crazy busy week here on the home front and at work. I finished one Jan Stawasz Square Doily and have started another doily. It's coming along nicely and I'm finding that I really like tatting with larger sized threads. It's fun to mix it up now and then, eh?
I logged in to Blogger and on my 'News Feed' or whatever it is that you call the place where all of the blogs that I follow pop us and just have to give a shout out to all of you ladies : ) Your pictures of the tatting works that you are doing inspire me to pick up my shuttles wherever possible. I've downloaded and copies some of the patterns that ya'll are working on for future projects!!

Hope you all have a wonderfully amazing weekend!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stawasz Doily Finished!

Here is the complete Doily V from Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz!

 I really like the look of a square doily :) it was a great project with all the split rings for the straight sides. The Pattern diagram had a green color for the split ring side so I used a lime green Clover shuttle and that helped so much! I was able to remember right where I left off and it made following the diagram much easier.
I've already started another doily from this great book! Pics to come! Have a lovely week everyone!

Monday, July 22, 2013

TATTING CLASS TOMORROW! Ever wanted to learn to tat? If you're in Northern Illinois, you're in luck! 5:30pm to 8:30pm Beginners Shuttle tatting Class at Esther's Place! Call and sign up! 630-556-9665!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Update!

Good morning everyone! Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Here is an update on the Jan Stawasz Doily I started forever ago. I have a week off of work and am building a greenhouse! Busy Busy!
Have a marvelous day everyone!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A day off to tat...

 Aaahhh, a day off to tat. I can't think of anything better then for my day off of work to be rainy, so that there is time for tatting! Tatting and listening to new music by The Piano Guys!!!! I can just hear the weather-man saying "Chances for tatting are increasing for the afternoon, with a high possibility of shuttle activity!" 

I've started another Stawasz doily! I found 2 brand new balls of Flora white, in size ten, in my tatting box that is PERFECT for the Stawasz projects! I have a lot of white crochet cotton that I bought when I first started tatting but it frays so badly that I'm always hesitant to use it. and VOILA! The perfect thread has appeared!
This one has a neat square/diamond shape to it. I've always wanted to try a pattern like this that is all split rings and is tatted in straight lines. It's been a good challenge; there a bit of logic that goes along with it because you have to think of which direction the rings need to go, especially around the corners : )

Happy Tattings everyone!
Off to see a movie with my sister tonight!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Unblocked Stawasz Doily

Here it is! The unblocked, light green Stawasz doily #14 in size 3 crochet cotton! I had to refill my shuttles three times just to get this far and wound up (haha, no pun intended!) running out of thread! I have this same size in a pale yellow that I think could do nicely to finish the outer rounds.

Because this one has so many open spaces in it I think it would look nice in the window. My Weigela is blooming in front of the house and it makes for a pretty backdrop :)

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

A quick note!

I have a couple of posts in 'draft mode' still, but I thought I'd say hello to everyone! I'm working on a new doily in lime green. It's a Jan Stawasz, Doily #XIV. The thread is one that I got at Wal-Mart forever ago when I first started tatting and is a size 3 crochet cotton.... I think. I like the 'puffy' look of this thread (it looks a little similar to needle tatting, eh?)

Changin' it up a bit by using size 3, bulky thread

Here is a close up. I rearranged the tatting sequence so that I could tat this with one shuttle, versus two like the pattern says. Because this thread is so thick, I know I'll be reloading my shuttle a lot and didn't feel like having to constantly wind two : )

 I hope everyone is well and enjoying May! I can't beleive that it's half over already!
Toodles from Illinois,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New book and Shuttle review!

I got my copy of Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures last week and have been enjoying it immensely! I think that this book will soon rank right near the top of my all time favorite books, like Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns.
Here is a little motif that I am working on. I'm using up some thread that was leftover on my shuttles. This flower has double picots in it; I haven't worked with a lot of those so it was fun to play around with. I'm going to start on a new doily in soft yellow and green that will be my summer project!

I also purchased an Aerlit shuttle with my order. I got the lilac purple and I have to say that I really do like it. It's silent to wind (my family is most appreciative of THAT) and easy to re-wind and the crochet hook at the end is fabulous!

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend! The weather here is beautiful!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Books and Shuttle!

 Not an hour after my last post and my order from Nancy at arrived in the mail! My treat to myself included Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures and The Tatter's Treasure Chest. I also bough an Aerlit shuttle to try out! Some of the lovely ladies at my last tatting class had these types of shuttles with a crochet hook for the point of the shuttle and removable bobbins. I have always had about half a dozen shuttles, still wound with thread, laying around..... so I'm curious to see if the bobbins are a bit more versatile then the standard shuttle with a shaft, like the Clovers or Lacis (even if those are my personal favs).

I can't wait to see what kind of edging and bookmark patterns are in these books for the possibility of more headbands! Toodles!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh bother!

Between all the rain we've gotten and work and just life in general I've been so very busy that I haven't had time to blog! I'm still tatting away, no worries! Here's a quick update before I head out to do horse chores with my sister!

Dragon by Anne B from Nuperelle! Here is her Norwegian Dragon Pattern! I've seen pictures of this pattern so often that I had to give it a try. I plan on making a couple more. I have some variegated threads in mind that would look nice with this pattern.

Here is the bookmark pattern from Jon Yusoff that I turned into a headband. I tracked down some ribbon to use to tie the back but it came out so nice. I wore this to work yesterday and it was so much more comfortable then using elastic at the back. Now the headband is totally adjustable and looks cute with a bow tied at the bottom. I'm planning on going to some craft stores to find more ribbon colors that will match my threads for more headbands!

The antique Adreinne Mat pattern in solid pastel green - Work in progress. Still trucking along on round 6 out of 7. I'm liking this pattern a lot still!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two-By-Two Headband

 Yooohooo!! Over here! Yes I'm alive and tatting- just been so busy I've hardly had time to blog! I'm working on a headband from Jon's Two-By-Two pattern. Both rounds are black and, from my Pinterest Inspiration post, I'm going to try tying it up with a ribbon versus elastic!

Work at the garden center is ramping up as the weather gets warmer and warmer so I'm tatting on my lunch breaks. I'm still working on my solid pastel, mint green antique pattern. Pictures soon to follow!

OH! and Just a reminder! If you are in the area and took one of the tatting classes I taught at Esther's Place, this coming Tuesday (April 16th) Natasha is hosting a tatting Q & A night at Esther's Place! Please call her to RSVP and I'll see you there!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Tatting Ideas!

I've been finding so many great patterns on Pinterest that I'm starting to lose track of them all! Are you on Pinterest? You should see all the amazing tatting pattern that are on there. I admit, I do like Pinterest an awful lot. It's like keeping all of your internet favorites all in one spot. Since work has been keeping me busy, and I'm slowly tatting through another antique pattern, I though I'd share some of the patterns I have planned for the summer that I found on Pinterest. 
I'm always so greatful when people share my work and link back to my blog so I've made a post where all the links are provided back to the original tatter and their website!

A picture post is nice to have once and awhile, eh? ; )

Pretty Leaves and Flower by Vinnie's Tattings 
Gorgeous tatted medallion by Rachel, the Piney Woods Tatter

Yes, I have a pair of high-tops that I'm going to cover with lace :) What do you think? I have brown ones that I'm going to use either a size 40 white or size 10 white? Haven't decided yet, but maybe blogging about it will get me to actually start this project! hehe!
Pretty celtic star by Renulek. She has some fantastic motifs with the number of stitches right on the picture. Be sure to stop by her blog!

This is just too pretty NOT to post! Hummingbird pattern by Kathy Lowe

I've been LOVING Jane Eboral's doodles! My favorite has been the gecko!

now THIS is a beautiful cross! This pattern is from Annie's Granny Design called the Josephine Cross.
Here is the link to Marlee's Pattern. I also found this link on Pinterest here  --->  Pretty earring pattern...I wonder if I could turn this into an edging? I really like the square look of the rings within chains...Hmmmm
I LOVE my tatted headbands; I wear them all the time. This post has the brilliant idea to use a ribbon through the ends to tie it around your head. I've tried elastic, hair ties, and small stretchy head bands, but this idea is the prettiest yet! Its from a stunning Polish Blog called DoraThea.

Super pretty tea pot! I think I'm going to have to ask for the Tatting Teapot book by Martha Ess for my birthday! This tea pot is tatted by TattaBuggs Lace.

Pretty Spring tatted mat! From InTatters. I've had some problems trying to log in, so I'll be sure to update once I can log in.

This has been fun! HERE is a link to my tatting board! Be sure to follow me and I'll see what you've been finding on Pinterest too!
That's all for now! Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Jeepers! It's been a while since I posted any tatting! Work is starting back up as the bulbs come up in the garden, but I have been tatting on my lunch breaks and in the evenings. Here's a quick look at what I've been up to: 

Here is another Pinterest find!! It's an adaptation of Mary Konior's Black Magic bookmark. HERE is the link to the bookmark pattern from Georgia Seitz's website. The pattern was drawn up by Vickie Reynolds and it's a new favorite! The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I used Lizbeth black and Turquoise twist threads and this combo reminds me of looking out a window at a blue summer sky!

 I finished the purple antique doily and have started another one in a pastel, mint green. Perfect color for and Easter project! and YES! This photo is evidence that we finally got some SUN in Illinois!!

Here's a close up on the thread :) Perfect project for my lunch breaks at work!

And last but not least, I started a doily called Mom's Pink Doily from  I've made two of these doilies already and love the pattern. I have one in size 10, one in size 30 and this one is tatted in size 40 thread, which I am finding to be quite a challenge. The round I'm currently working in is all individual motifs. I picked the same light, mint green as the antique doily for this one and I'm really liking how it's turning out.

At last the bulbs are coming up! It's like seeing old friends again! I cannot wait for them to start blooming! Hope everyone is well and you have a lovely day wherever your travels take you!
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