Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting ready!

Hello everyone! Our home computer finally bit the dust. We have been replacing hard drives left and right and on Friday morning it blew the motherboard; it wouldn't even turn on! So we are shopping for a new home PC and I am updating my blog and keeping up with email at our local library. So tomorrow is Belvidere's Pioneer Fest and I'll be there from 10-5 tatting with my lace guild. I am so excited! I'm going to be working on a doily that Sarah made a while back in a dark red. Mine will be in the Caribbean variegated and a dark purple. (The pattern is called 'Robins round robin or something...) I'll take plenty of pictures and let you know how it goes.

My mom and sister are at a Horse Fest up North today so it's just me and dad on the farm. We harvested a wheelbarrow full of mini-white pumpkins this morning as our farm stand is opening next weekend! Something else exciting!
Well, I have to run home to bring the horses in so I'll catch you all later!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Necklace!

Here it is! I had an idea, conjured up a pattern, and *Ta-Da* my first piece of tatted jewelry. It's just a simple line of split rings with beads and a pretty charm. I'm going to wear it to school tomorrow so we'll see if it stands the test of the 'outside world!' It turned out to be just the right length too!

My weekend outside of my tatting adventures consisted of 50 quarts of home-made apple cider! We harvested 7 bushels from our two trees, chopped the apples, poured 'em all into the press and out it come! Well, lot's of test to study for this week so sorry that this is so short!
Talk to you all later,

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Little Things...

Little things...small, seeming insignificant treasures of life that are often over looked. A sunset, an infant's smile, flowers opening in spring. This Labor Day weekend I really took in the little things of life and made sure I enjoyed them. Speaking of all things small, above are some earrings with some new colors that I was foolin' around with. The one on the top picture to the left is the Lizbeth Caribbean-something that Sarah gave me. She made the large doily for the fair and had a ball left over so she spoiled me and said I could have it. The colors are so pretty. I wanted to thank her by tatting up something special for her (especially since she loves clunies! lol!) and it turned out like this: Clunies in the Caribbean! This little snowflake turned out pretty good for not weaving clunies in a month or so. It's just a bit bigger then a half dollar! My family and I had pizza and a movie last night and we watched The Fugitive. I had started a cluny during the first part, during the train wreck scene, and ended up having to take it out because it was so suspenseful!! I couldn't weave a cluny without watching what was going to happen to Harrison Ford!

But on to other things...Here is the doily that I started at the Pioneer Day demo. This one is for my mom to take to work. Her department is getting all new desks, so she'll have something pretty to put on top of it.

This past weekend was also my last weekend at Farm and Fleet. Yeah, I gave my two weeks notice because I wasn't anticipating such a heavy work load from my studies. I'm taking 5 classes, 3 of which have labs, and I'd also need two separate weeks off for field studies and a work week on campus. Thursday is my last day, but I hope to be back for the Christmas Toyland and next summer for sure. We shall see.
Alright, well my sister wants the computer, so I'll catch up with all of you later. At least now that I'm not working I'll have more time for my beloved shuttles and irreplaceable family and farm!
Toodles for now!
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