Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just in time for school...

I finished this doily just before the 2010-2011 school year to began. It was a lot more work then it looks! Each quadrant is an individual motif and the pattern is worked with 2 shuttles. The pattern name is 'Ace of Hearts,' but I think it has more of a celtic look to it. ; ) Sorry for the short post, as my homework awaits! BUT! some good news is that I have an hour break at school and I get to tat!! and the weather here is starting to act more and more like fall! Cool, sunny and breezy! Just right. My kind of weather! Bye for now! Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Order

It's all finished! Here is my first order for a doily.

The colors were requested to be as such and because this one is tatted with two shuttles I was happy to oblige. I quite like the completed look of it; it's given me the idea to do more two-toned doilies versus all one solid color. Isn't if funny though, now that it's all finished and ready to go, I find how attached to it I am. Like there is a little piece of me going off with it. Mostly because I remember the activities going on around the house while I was making it. But the customer is a dear friend's Aunt and I'm more then happy to share my tatted lace with her. So Bon Voyage! Off she goes!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Handy Hands! Gotta Love 'Em!!

Today I'd like to blog about my preferred source for all my tatting supplies - Handy Hands Tatting. They are an online store that has everything a tatter could need; whether it be books, shuttles, threads, or the 'essentials.' One thing that I appreciate are the book reviews. On their website there is an excellent description of each book, how many pages and patterns are included as well as a good. overall description ( for advanced vs. beginner). I've been ordering my thread and supplies from them ever since I started tatting and have been nothing less then pleased. Their customer service is wonderful. Once I had gotten a wrong color of thread and they were happy to fix the situation. I've even gotten a phone call from Barbra Foster herself! I love that they call when there is a problem, versus an email like some suppliers. So between the great prices, excellent customer service, or the vast array of choices for sale, Handy Hands is my first recommendation to tatters. Please take some time to peruse their online store; you can visit them here at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've gone Bookmark CrAzY!!!!

Bookmarks, Bookmarks, BOOKMARKS!
A lovely new friend of mine requested the turquoise and black bookmark pictured above and now she's got me on a roll! I got the idea to put variegated threads on the inner rings and a solid color for the chains woven on the inside and outer chains.

Here are some of my current little guys I'm have completed, am working on, or will be starting. It's so fun! The pattern is from Jon's Pattern page and I love the detail in the center where the chains are woven over each other. You guys know that I love celtic knots, so maybe that's why I think this on is so groovy!

Anyway, I'm also finishing a custom doily that I'll get to share with you all soon! Have a great Friday! It's almost the weekend!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today is my Mom's birthday and it's on days like today that I reflect on how much she means to me. I am thankful for her everyday, but today is just special. She is simply incredible. My mom homeschooled my sister and I through Middle school and High School. Our family moved out to our farm six years ago (it's been THAT long already?!?!?). So, between the two of those things and the bajillion other things she has done for us, I am forever grateful for her. My mother's support has been sure and steadfast in a world where my values and ideas are constantly challenged. She is my shoulder to lean on, cry on, laugh with...I know for certain I couldn't live without her and that I never could have gotten to where I am today without her. So here's to you mom. You are simply the best and I love you so very much.

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