Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today is my Mom's birthday and it's on days like today that I reflect on how much she means to me. I am thankful for her everyday, but today is just special. She is simply incredible. My mom homeschooled my sister and I through Middle school and High School. Our family moved out to our farm six years ago (it's been THAT long already?!?!?). So, between the two of those things and the bajillion other things she has done for us, I am forever grateful for her. My mother's support has been sure and steadfast in a world where my values and ideas are constantly challenged. She is my shoulder to lean on, cry on, laugh with...I know for certain I couldn't live without her and that I never could have gotten to where I am today without her. So here's to you mom. You are simply the best and I love you so very much.

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Farmhouse Soaps said...

Oh Allison! Thank you so much! And, I love my new tatted bookmark. I will cherish it always.
It has been MY privilege to love you, guide you, school you, and watch you grow into this miraculous young woman! I am so proud of you and am thankful to God for giving me the joy of having you in my life!
Love you always - mom!

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