About Me/Contact

I'm a twenty-something in Illinois striving to honor my Lord and Savior in all that I do. I graduated college with a degree in Horticulture and I work at a glorious antique garden center which I absolutely love! I live on a five acre farm with my Dad, Mom, and sister, along with 3 horses, 8 cats, and a flock chickens. We love the farm life! We moved here in 2004 and love being out in the country.

I first saw a picture of an ornament covered in tatted lace in a stitchery book. After seeing that picture, I wanted to find out more and learn to tat. I found tatting lessons at a local quilt shop where I took a beginner class in November 2008 and immediately loved the art of lace-making. From there I took an intermediate and advanced tatting class and am continuing to learn and improve my skills.

In the future I hope to continue to teach and give lessons, make custom lace orders, and learn how to make bobbin lace, as well as needle tat.

If you have any questions or would like to drop me a note, please email me at:
Farmchick6190 at aol dot com 
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