Monday, June 20, 2011

The Classic White Doily...

It doesn't get any more classic then a white doily : ) and this project is only half done! It's going to be a HUGE center piece for our dining room table. The flowers are from our gardens around the farm. Daisies and a yellow Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria for all my Horticulture savvy buddies).

Work has sure kept me busy! not to mention I'm taking a 30-day 'Media Reduction Challenge' with the girls from my Bible Study. We're being challenged to spend less time on the Internet and watching TV and movies and spending more time in the Word and with family. I've also been outside gardening and thought I'd share some pics with you all.

The farm table: complete with all my planters

Dad's Hosta corner

Front of our house with Stella de Oro Lilies

Pump house garden - Hostas and more Loosestrife

The shed garden

I got my dad a Mock Orange Viburnum for Fathers day, next to the 'Man Cave'

My mom and I share a rock garden, we each have one side :)

May all your tatting journeys be splendid!

P.S. THANK YOU all sooo much for the awesome comments on my last post! I just had to share that tip with you all and I'm glad that you found it useful! Too fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A tatting hint!

Ever made a ring only to realize that there is a mistake in it? too many stitches? forgot a picot? I found a hint/tip that will make undoing a completed ring that doesn't cause the last stitch to flip, no matter how tight the ring is pulled. I learned this hint from Mary Konior's book and have used it so much in the last few days that I'd love to share it with you all. It's best if I show you by pictures and explain below each one then try to tell you step by step...ah, the complications of a visual learner :)
Insert the hook into the backside of the last picot you formed. if you pull it apart a little, you can see the inner thread. Pull that inner thread up and towards you.

Keep pulling....

keep pulling until it's long enough to work with

Now, at the bottom of the ring, pull the thread from the left down and towards you

"this is where you pull from"

TA-DA! your ring is open!! Now you just gotta pull out however many stitches to get to the 'problem' area :)
Hope that helps you guys! I've used it numerous times!
Be Blessed this week! :)
P.S. these pics are also a sneak-peak of my next 'stained glass' project ;)
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