Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A tatting hint!

Ever made a ring only to realize that there is a mistake in it? too many stitches? forgot a picot? I found a hint/tip that will make undoing a completed ring that doesn't cause the last stitch to flip, no matter how tight the ring is pulled. I learned this hint from Mary Konior's book and have used it so much in the last few days that I'd love to share it with you all. It's best if I show you by pictures and explain below each one then try to tell you step by step...ah, the complications of a visual learner :)
Insert the hook into the backside of the last picot you formed. if you pull it apart a little, you can see the inner thread. Pull that inner thread up and towards you.

Keep pulling....

keep pulling until it's long enough to work with

Now, at the bottom of the ring, pull the thread from the left down and towards you

"this is where you pull from"

TA-DA! your ring is open!! Now you just gotta pull out however many stitches to get to the 'problem' area :)
Hope that helps you guys! I've used it numerous times!
Be Blessed this week! :)
P.S. these pics are also a sneak-peak of my next 'stained glass' project ;)


Lelia said...

thx for the pictures. It is really tough to open a 'closed' ring!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

That's how I do it, too. Great illustrations!

Margarets designer cards said...

That looks very easy, I take a pin and unpick the last ds and hope it will work, will try that next time. Great pictures thanks

God's Kid said...

Great help and pictures!! Your next project looks nice so far! :)

Bonnie said...

I am helping a friend learn to tat and rather than go threw the steps on opening a ring, I just sent her the link to your post.

Thank you for a great explaination complete with pictures.

Fox said...

Hi, Allison,
I had to tell you that I have been using this technique A LOT since you posted it!

Although I took the three T.A.T. courses last year (where this was covered) and have done prodigious amounts of tatting in the 2 years I have been at it, this is one thing that did NOT come easily - till I saw your post!

The back - go in from the back! Aha! And PULL! Hard!

Now it is easy, works on all thread thicknesses and I am one happy tatter!

Whatever you did to get it across to me, I cannot thank you enough! Thank you!
Fox : ))

Katie said...

OH MG! I just learned how to do that from the same book this week-end, too! I have never been able to open a closed ring until I read that. Now, I've had that book for a couple of years, so I don't know how I missed that technique! LOL! Isn't it grand to not have to cut your thread to fix a ring?!!

Allison said...

Lelia, I hated trying to open closed rings in the past! It's soo easy now! Thanks for sharing my post with your friend Bonnie! Yup Fox that's it! So glad to be of help! I love not having to cut threads and then try to hide the ends! Right on Katie! Thanks for all the comments! You guys make me smile :)

Lelia said...

I tried this last Friday and it WORKED so well. thx (yes, I'm a visual learner)

God's Kid said...

Hi Allison, I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this and making it really clear as to how to open the rings!!! I saw this post way back when you posted it and saved it and ran across it again the other day and yesterday I used it on 3 rings and am so very thankful to you!!! It saved me tons of time and helped me through what is normally a ton of frustration!!!!
You are a blessing!!! :)

Allison said...

Hello God's Kid! So glad that this post could be of help to you! It's one of those tricks that are work their weight in gold! I used it today too! Working on my tat-along!

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