Friday, February 20, 2009

when sick....TAT!

I picked up a cold on Tuesday so while I haven't been feeling real good I started a doily for my mom from a pattern that I found on ( The pattern calls for size 12 yarn, but I have this really pretty yellow thread in a size 3 so I decided to use that (my mom and I think it looks nicer with a 'bulky' thread) It's a really easy pattern so I'll probably make another one in the size 10 that I have. Maybe I'll make it in the orange variegated Flora like the coaster!!

We start tatting with two colors on Sunday and I think I'm going to use white and a variegated purple for our in-class medallion. I hope our class doesn't get canceled because are supposed to get an absurd amount of snow tomorrow. The weather people forecasted something like 6+ inches!!! and it was just starting to warm up and feel like spring!!!


Unknown said...

Love your work so far. Have fun tatting in two colors tomorrow. I hope your class doesn't get cancelled. :)

Needledreams said...

Looking good! I like that pattern and have done it a couple of times. Once with sewing thread! lol Tatting with 2 colors is really fun! Enjoy your class.

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