Monday, August 29, 2011

Gotta Love 'Lizbeth!'s not quite tatting, but it IS Lizbeth thread! Last week I 'googled' (yes, that is a verb in our house) how to make friendship bracelets. I got something like 20+ pages of tutorials, patterns, books and the like. I ended up on YouTube watching a great 'how-to' video for the easy pattern pictured on the right. It is really fun! I've done macrame in the past, and the knots are actually the same, just in various orders to create different patterns. I made my first one in orange, pink and brown in honor of a Bible Study I just finished. A little daily reminder to hold onto my values and beliefs as I tread the waters of a secular college and such.  So the picture is my second one! I scanned this picture as well, so the knotted part is only about an inch long. It's fun to sometimes take a little break from tatting and experiment with a new craft!
Hope you are having a marvelous Monday! Toodles from Illinois,


Margarets designer cards said...

Amazing how many things you can find on the internet these days, lovely bracelet, well done it is nice to do something for a change.

God's Kid said...

Cool bracelet! May God bless and keep you through the secular places! :)

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