Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking for an edging for a bookmark???

Hello Friends! My semester projects are drawing near, but thankfully one of them is about tatting so I have a good reason to spend some time with my shuttles. I'm trying to find a small edging pattern to make into bookmarks for a handout when I do my presentation. Any thoughts? any favorites? be sure to comment and I'll see what you all have in mind : ) The combines are out in full force here in northern Illinois as well as the beautiful fall tree colors. My sister just took this photo today

Fall color in the woods behind the corn field East of us
Believe it or not we are actually forecasted for light flurries tomorrow! I think it's a little early for snow, even for me. I hope it at least waits until Thanksgiving!


Ladytats said...

pretty leaves,
as for an edging to use as a bookmark, if you have access to Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, there are several including Curd & Whey and Black Magic that lend them selves very well to stopping short for a bookmark. Also nearly any edging worked in 1 row can be turned back on itself to make a bookmark. what is your favorite edging? have you tried that?

Anonymous said...

One of my favourites is the "Jane in South Africa" bookmark, published by Jane Eborall here:

Another simple one that is lovely too is the Simple Straight Bookmark by
Carolyn Groves:

Karen said...

Mary Konior has some nice edgings that would work well for bookmarks. See some great examples at and Sharren's blog yesterday at Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Karen in OR

Allison said...

Great Ideas ladies! Thank you so much for all the ideas and the websites! I have Mary Konior's book and will take a look through it. I'll keep you updated!!

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