Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I got up the gumption to clean out all my tatting boxes that have all my shuttles and threads in them. Boy was that like a little treasure hunt! I found bits and pieces of little tatted flowers and motifs all over the place. I also organized my thread box my color and took an inventory of what I have using a Lizbeth flier. I marked what I had and what I put on my wish list : ) One fun part is that I now have about 6 shuttles with various colors of thread wound on them. So I went to a trusty old friend, *ahem* Google, and looked for some celtic tatting patterns and found quite a few goodies! This little motif looked fun and easy and the instructions were clear enough. For a tatted celtic wreath, I thought that this pdf pattern from Rozella Linden was worth a shot! But the ones that I am most excited to tat are from Piney Woods Tatter! She did a post last year for Labor Day and had some beautiful little celtic motif pictures. She even included the patterns! So I printed off the whole post and will be giving these a go! Check out her post HERE.

So for a day off I'll be tatting, Celtic Style, as well as gardening and enjoying the nice weather before it turns REALLY hot at the end of this week. We are in a very dry spell and the tempuratures will reach above 100degrees on Thursday. YIKES! 

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone! Love from Illinois,


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Margarets designer cards said...

Well done on a clear out, amazing what we find when we have a clear out, lovely motifs


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