Thursday, August 30, 2012


I find it amusing that no matter how many amazing and beautiful patterns I find, I never have the time to tat them all!! Thus the WIP (work in progress) and UFO (Un-Finished Object) are created. Currently in my lovely tatting bag from Diane (LaceLovin' Librarian) I have four WIPs and four UFOs... Geeez!
  • My mom's doily I made her for Mothers day - I gave it to her with a couple more rounds to go and now I'm on the last round so I'm's only the end of August, right ; )
  • I'm playing around with something totally new: tatting with yarn in my new Starlit shuttle from Handy Hands. It is kinda fun to work with yarn because the smallest tatted flower turns out to be pretty good sized and the shuttle is so big that it holds a nice amount of yarn.
  • I saw on Pintrest that if you tie macrame knots over your earbuds/headphones for an iPod or MP3 player the chords won't tangle. So I'm tatting the first half of a double stitch over mine so that they won't get all messy in my backpack or purse. I love the jolt of color and the spiral pattern that the half stitch creates :)
  • And my last project is possibly the most exciting! I entered in the Doodad Dare and am working on my surprises! Well, there are actually 4 doodads that I'm working on so my WIP numbers are through the roof! Oh well, it's a good think I love tatting!

And to add to the hubbub in my tatting bag, yesterday I saw that Linda posted her new 'Classic Doily Pattern.' Gotta tat that one! My mom LOVED the pattern so now I just have to decide what color to make it in. It has a LOT of rounds so I'm thinking of making it in a size 10 so it's really big : ) I have quite a few balls of white size 10 thread so maybe I'll use that up. Oh, the fun never ends!!

Hope you are will have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Hmmm... sounds like you might need another project bag!

Don't ask how many UFOs and WIPs I have. I've lost count.

Shirlee said...

Good luck on all your projects Allison! That Classic Doily is exquisite! I can see why your mom is excited about it : )

Anonymous said...

LOL sounds like you have your hands full with lots of projects!! It is fun to have several going as you don't get bored :) I have my take with me projects that are easy to remember repeats so I can talk and work at the same time and then I have my "don't talk to me" projects that I keep at home because they are more complicated. I also have Linda's doily on my to tat list!! It is gorgeous and I can't wait to start it! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Allison said...

I know Diane! I'll need a tatting backpack if I let myself get too carried away! Thanks Shirlee! I'll have to work on that this fall/winter. I'm just like you tattabugg!!! I have the easy projects (that I can remember) that I take with me in the car and to work and the doily for my mom I keep at home to work on while we watch movies or sit outside in the evenings. We should all track our progress as we start Linda's 'Classic Doily!' That would be such fun! Have a great weekend ladies! Love from Illinois!

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