Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Project

I've started working on a new project the other day that I am kinda excited about! I had some thread left over from the lace mat tat-a-long and decided to use it up. Since I learned how to do split chains a month or so ago, I am eager to try new challenges and techniques. So with this Lizbeth antique violet thread, two shuttles and a paperclip (is that one word, I dunno) I am starting with Le Blog de Frivole's pattern called 'Quatrain.' Here is what I have so far!
I'm just about ready to do a small split chain, then a  split ring climb to the next round!
What got me thinking on all this is the Tatters Across Time badges that some of the lovely blogs I follow have: like LadyShuttleMaker and Fox at Tat-ology, just to name a few. I've got so much on my plate right now that I can't quite commit to a study like the Tatters Across Time, but I can still work on and improve my techniques. No more sloppy tatting or cutting corners for me!  So I am embarking on a quest to improve my skills and strive for new adventures! There shall me needle tatting, interlocking rings, and a project involving 6 shuttles ahead!! It's exciting to think about! But I am curious if any of you have advice on whether or not you liked the Tatters Across Time program? I'd love to hear form you!

Take care all! And may all your tattings be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allison, I have never done the Tatters Across Time program but, have thought about it many times! I like your idea of "on your own" improvement of tatting. I may just join you with this :) I sometimes just get sloppy with my skills and I also get a little lazy with new ones. What a great idea to not cut corners and do my best!!! to come up with some challenges for myself!

Allison said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking! I've got a running list of tatting challenges and I think I'm finally going to get around to learning some of them! I'd love to do it with you! I'll have to blog about my 'list' next! like a tatting bucket list! hehe! Can't wait to see what you'll be up to!

Ladytats said...

I have had the beginning book for several years. I have started it more then once.
I just never have the time it seems, so by the time I get back to it, I feel I need to restart the lessons.

I have decided that until I retire, I do not have the time to devote to the lessons. I would like to, but too many other things to do, and I would get no tatting done as you are not allowed to post your lessons online, and that would be all the tatting I would have time for.

Michelle said...

Happy Bluebird has done TAT- great idea but very time-consuming. I've looked at the binder and want to do it- someday.

I'm making a runner of the Quatrain and have about 40 motifs joined, but I can't figure out where the split chain goes. I just use the split ring Frivole designed and that gets to the outer round. hmm?

God's Kid said...

That is one of the motifs I have been wanting to tat, but too many things are keeping me busy tatting other things. Yours is looking good!! :)
I too am wanting to improve my tatting and learn new techniques. I had this all planned for this year with several projects, yet I have people requesting things so it keeps me busy and I haven't gotten to much of anything I had planned. I sure hope this next year allows me more time to devote to this. I sure hope you achieve all yours goals!! :)

Allison said...
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Allison said...

I'm right with you Ladytats - I feel that if I purchased the lessons and binder (and they're not cheap), I wouldn't get it done and would have to pick it up and put it down a lot. Thanks for the feedback about TAT! It's great to hear your thoughts on this!

Hi there Michelle! I'm really liking the little Quatrain motif - I bet it's a beautiful runner! I found that there are little chains of 3 stitches all around the first round, so to make sure there is one on either side of the last ring, I added the split chain before I started the split ring to climb out...I'll have to check the pattern again to make sure I'm reading it right; it's been one of those days! hehe!

God'sKid - time just flies, especially in 'Tat-land!' I'm always seeing new patterns and threads that I want to try and I'm finding that I have a very short attention span; I'm always eager to try something new, but I don't necessarily finish them all. Blogging about bigger projects helps me stay motivated. I'm looking forwards to checking some goals off my list!

Margarets designer cards said...

I started Marilee's course on shuttle tatting to improve my skills with the new ideas which I felt I am failing on, I lot of it was for beginners so after 41 years I don't think I am a true beginner. But she has a lot of things on there I did not know and it's been a good course to bring me up to the new things.
I have not tried the runner but I have done the bookmark several times now and it's one of my favourite designs perhaps one day I will do the runner but at the moment I have a lot on coming up to Christmas, snowflakes, angels and my own little pattern which is being test tatted.
I think as the years roll on there will always be new ideas and new things to learn , we never stop learning something, I am sure in a hundred years time somewhere in the world there will be tatters saying the same things.
Keep up the good work it's looking good so far.

Jane McLellan said...

I recently joined the 25-motif challenge and challenged myself to try out new (to me) techniques. I thought that would give me a structure to the trying out idea. How about that?

Allison said...

Thanks Margaret! Jane, the 25-motif challenge is a great idea! I'll have to look into that one!

Fox said...

I loved the discipline of having the course material to do. Though you can take as much time as you want, i gave myself a timeline for every single piece, followed it and met it. And I had wonderful binders of material to keep. So, for someone like me it was the PER FECT learning strategy. i completed the whole thing in a year, which met my own goal.

If you are obsessive, organized, stubborn and a stickler for detail., this course is for you!

Check tat-ology - there is a 'search this blog' tool on the side and ask for T.A.T. as I have written some on the blog I think.

Fox : )

Allison said...

Hi Fox! Thanks so much for the feedback about T.A.T! Yes, I am obsessive-complusive organized! How did you guess?! I took a look at your blog posts and will continue to think about the T.A.T. program - there's always time to learn! Thanks for the encouragement!

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