Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 4 of TIAS 2013

Jane gave us a new technique to try on this pattern; it's called a Catherine Wheel Join! You can visit her link here to read all about it. When working with two shuttles, instead of using a lock join, which can be kind of big and not very pretty, you make a Catherine Wheel Join. This acts as a mock 'double stitch' that joins the two pieces together. This makes an endless and smooth chain where you can't even tell where the join was made (other then looking at the picots from the previous round!) What a great technique to learn! 

I am very excited to say that the Tatting Class that I will be teaching at Esther's Place tomorrow is FULL! We had such a fantastic response to this class! I'm so thrilled that there are more ladies (and a gentleman!) in the area that want to learn how to tat and bring back this amazing art. So I'm off to get handouts and tatting kits ready!
Have a lovely day everyone!
Warm wishes from Illinois!

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