Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harvest time!

October - harvest time. Truly one of my favorite times of the year. It's crisp outside. The trees are starting to break out into colors of oranges and golds. And best of all...the farmers are starting to bring in the crops. Everywhere there is a distant hum of a combine and tractor working together to bring in the bounty.

Our pumpkin stand had it's grand opening last weekend (yes, it's been that long since I've posted any news, my apologies) and I am proud to say that we made a profit! Small, but a profit none-the-less. We are hoping that the weather warms up, and CLEARS up for this weekend, as we will be open as well.

So this is a tatting blog, right? and you are thinking "why does she keep putting pictures of pumpkins on her blog?!" Well, now I shall combine the two in a way that will make you smile:

TA~DA!!! I saw this pattern online and HAD to tat up a pumpkin! It adorns the empty space near our new 'puter, as we kindly call our new computer. It's so cute that I just might have to tat up a whole patch of 'em! :) My dad's birthday, is *ah-hem* 50th birthday, is coming up this weekend and we are gonna celebrate this weekend!

I have so many projects that I've started over this week that I've been off of school! So there are like 4 UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) floating around my desk. AAHH! I still have the weekend...I do have a pendent pattern in the works with a color combination that I'm not quite sure about, but we shall see. The pattern is Yarnplayer's Dream and I haven't done it in a while so doing it in the car was fun! LOL! I had a very special day with my Mom though! I just have to share! It was rainy, chilly and windy so my Mom and I headed to Countryside Gardens! We walked around the outside Quonsets and it was so fun to look at what systems they are using. I got to tell my mom a little bit about what we are doing in my Horticulture classes. A good friend gave me a gift card ages ago so I used it today - I bought 5 cactus/succulent plants and the soil to make my own desert! So even though it was miserable outside my mom and I sipped coffee and had an awesome afternoon together. Gosh I LOVE MY FAMILY! :D

Soon that note, my friends I bid thee well. Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you later!Much love from the Midwest tatter,



IsDihara said...

Your tatted pumpkin is truly a prize! It looks fantastic. As good as those marvelous pumpkin photos you shared.

Best wishes to your dad on his big day!

Unknown said...

Happy Harvesting! The pumpkin photos are all so nice. Love the big tatted pumpkin. I tatted that one up last year, too!

Allison said...

Thank for the B-Day wishes Isdihara! I think I'll be tatting a whole patch of different size pumpkins over the winter for next year. The patter was super easy and a lot of fun!

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