Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have been tatting! I promise!

OH MY! how I fell short of updating ya'll on here! So sorry! It's funny though, I was looking at my Blog Archive and it's sad how once school started, the number of posts have dwindled. However! I got to tat today!! I had started an antique, square pattern a while ago in a size 20 and never finished. Now, I pulled out some size 10 and went to town. It's in a pretty white and pink thread and I'll have pictures up soon. We got a new digital camera, so I'll have to see if I can do something pretty with it.
We were scheduled to have our monthly tatting get-together today but it was the first day in about a week or more that it wasn't raining! So I opted to stay home and help out the family divide a horse-paddock for our boys. The weather was absolutly beautiful! Here are some pictures for you:
Dad and I placing the T-Posts

Me and my beloved sister, Lea

Mommie and me


anita said...


anita said...

What a small world!
Belvidere is my hometown! I graduated from Rock Valley and moved away to attend the Univ. of Florida. That was years ago, I am now living in Virginia on my own small horse farm. Did you see the blue-ribbon tatting winner at the Boone County Fair in August? That was me! I send my sister a tatted doily for her birthday each year and she enters it in the Boone County Fair to help keep the tatting class open. My sister works at the Belvidere library. Ask the women in the library who has a sister living in Virginia who is a tatter. That will stir them up!:) I am with the Piedmont Lace guild of Virginia -- you can see their web site online. Nice group of ladies. I have been tatting for 14 years now. Guess I should be more skilled at it than I am, but I enjoy it as a hobby. You have a nice site. I will come to it again.

Allison said...

Hello Anita! yes it is a small world! I can't believe that you both tat and live on a horse farm like me! Isn't farm life amazing! Thanks so much for posting on my blog - I appreciate it when people leave me notes! :) not to much has changed in Belvidere. We moved here 5 years ago so we are relatively new. I go to Kishwaukee college becuase RockValley didn't offer any Horticulture classes but it's a great school. I have many friends there. Nice to meet you and stop by often! Do you have a blog?

anita said...

Allison: No I do not have a blog. Although friend has a tatting blog called It's fun to watch if you have the time. I am a mom with a full plate. I have 2 teen-age boyz both striving to be Eagle Scouts in Boy Scouts, which is time-consuming. So, I tat as I wait for them at meetings and events. I have a wonderful husband and 2 Arabian horses, plus a career. So, life is full. Tatting is a pleasure. I have pulled out books and patterns and hope to get comfortable doing split rings and such. Am in the last half of a lovely plum purple and white doily. The center of the doily is a huge silver filigree earring that I have used as a center and tatted around it. It looks lovely and exciting. Cheers!

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