Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope everyone had a blessed holiday ~ ours was one to remember for sure. We had quite a large winter storm with ice, snow, sleet, we had it all! To boot we lost power for quite a bit, but mustered up the woods stove and got through the night. It's like opening a present, in a different way, when you wake up and look outside after and ice storm. What amuses me the most is when you look at a tree and can clearly tell which way the wind was out of. Our northern row of White Pines had needles that were iced over horizontally!
As you can see from the picture our Corkscrew Willow took a beating and thank goodness I took an Tree/Arboriculture class this past semester, so now I know how to repair them!

One thing that made this Christmas memorable is that this year the four of us all got each other movies! We all wrote down out top three and from there we decided who would give whom which movie.....ok, don't know if you follow, but in any case we have many new movies to enjoy. I tell you, since it's snowed or rained every day since Christmas, we have gotten to watch quite a few. There is quite an array of genres to be seen ~ from action to Jane Austen, yes our family is AWESOME!!

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