Friday, December 4, 2009

Tatting, Tatting, tatting....

Wow! I have three projects going at the moment - mainly because it's been pretty cold and snowy here lately. I know, it's what?, December 4th and we have snow??? Ok, perhaps it's just a dusting but snow, none-the-less. My new Lizbeth threads and shuttles have sure been hard at work! Here's a run down on my latest projects still in the works and then one's that I've finished - hot off my smokin' shuttles!

  • I LOVE size Lizbeth 40! I'm playing around with a semi-celtic cross, but I can't wait to try a bigger doily with it! I bought a deep maroon that is lovely. Quite possibly my favorite thread that I own.
  • From my new 'Visual Patterns' book, I'm working on a doily that has a connected, repeating motif in the center, then something crazy...10 rounds of chains, upon chains, upon chains! Variegated thread's being used so I think that will turn out nice. It goes from a soft green into a light, then deep pink. Perfect for Easter! I'll shoot for that deadline; gotta get-er-done by Easter.
  • I think I'm most excited about some of the ornaments that I've started! Over the years I've bought glass balls on sale at Hobby Lobby or at garage sales. Now I've finally started doing something with them. The tops are a simple ring and chain circle and I plan to attach Christmas motifs in the middle. I'm totally making it up as I go so they'll all be one of a kind.

We bought a newer camera about a month ago that eaten by my sister's horse. He chewed the lens off! So there won't be any pictures for a while, which I was pretty bummed about because I love posting pictures. Ah, well, I'll just have to describe my tattings to you!

One piece that I've finished is a custom necklace for a friend. It's two lines of black, 20 thread split chains with purple iridescent beads. And it is very pretty, if I do say so myself.

So, I just watched the nightly News with my mom and the weather team is calling for over a foot of snow accumulation starting on Sunday! WHOOHOO! Our family just purchased a new, heavy-duty snow blower and my dad is very happy about the chance to use it soon! That's fine by me because we didn't have one at all last year and that was harsh. My pony blew an abscess in his foot so we had to dig out the driveway constantly for the vet to be able to get in and out. Snow storms around here are welcomed, whatever the circumstance. We all put in a movie with our wood stove cookin' away or we'll read -or tat- all day long. I just love it. We decorated the inside of the house today and I have to say that our house always looks it's best with all the holiday decor up. We are definitely in the Christmas spirit this year!

Blessings to all!


Unknown said...

The camera got eaten by your sister's horse? Ack! LOL! Hope you are able to get some sort of replacement soon. I'll just have to take your word for it on the descriptions...I'm sure your tatting is lovely as always.

Allison said...

Thanks TattingChic! My sisters horse Eddie bit and dented the lense to the camera. We got a new one on sale today so pictures will be coming soon. Thanks for the lovely comment. What have you been working on lately?

Anonymous said...


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