Monday, November 21, 2011


Thank you ladies for all the lovely comments about my color presentation! It went very well! My teacher loved it and so did my class! They were very interested and had a bunch of questions. Tatting is so fun to share! Here are some pictures of my poster board! Have a Marvelous Monday!
My completed poster board :)

A fun part of my presentation was that the two doilies at the bottom of this picture are the same patter! I've just moved the colors around and look what a different effect is has on the eyes! Where do you look first when you look at the pink one? How about the red one? See how important color is to tatting! ; )

My color wheel

Tatting pieces - butterflies, motifs and clunies

I passed the shuttle around so everyone could see it. This is the largest doily I've done and will continue to work on. I only started it about 2 years ago. I pick it up and put it down a lot!

Ornaments and a hankie edging...
Love from the Midwest!


Karen said...

Congratulations. Teacher and students interest says a lot about how you presented a wonderful subject. Karen

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! It looks stunning!!

Jon Yusoff said...

Lovely presentation. The range of colours really draw the eyes to it. Well done.

tattrldy said...

The presentation is very eye-catching and very informative. I'm glad it went well. Your tatting looks lovely.

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