Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break Tattings....

With four days of no school and the most lovely time at home, I've had plenty of time for tatting. Our Thanksgiving Day was wonderful; it was just the four of us this year and we enjoyed being home together. Here is what I've been working on....

 This is going to be a hexagon mat. I'm half done with the center, then I'll put a simple edging around it, just like the picture from the book. I'm leaning toward the style of the one on the left. Just for fun, my mom was curious about how many stitches are in this doily so far, so we added them up. There are 20 stitches per petal, and six petals per flower, so there are 120 stitches per flower. The doily has a total of 22 flowers at the moment so there are 2,640 whole stitches or 5280 half stitches. : ) Kind of a fun way to look at things
Little flower motif. I bought the Lizbeth PINK PARADE, number 145,and love how it looks. I think I might have to make a whole doily in it.

A new TV series that my family has been enjoying is called Lark Rise to Candleford. We have rented all the seasons from the library for our Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It's a cute, British mini-series that has some of our favorite BBC actors and actresses in it. If you like Cranford, you will for sure like this series!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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