Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here are some of our Thanksgiving Day moments I thought I'd share with you all : )

 Lea and Diesel take a walk!                                                            Scout the wonder-pony!

 Our Eddie-boy was feelin' spunky!!

 Decorations by Lea

A Tatted ornament

Looking into our lovely kitchen!

 The Table Setting

My Mom and Sister are going on a trip to Florida so we put up the Christmas decorations a week early this year : )

We always use my Great Aunt's silver for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners

 This is the penny that is kept in the silver box. My great Aunt bought the silver at Marshall Fields in 1944. She was notorious for putting little trinkets away that meant something special. What a cool thought!
Thanksgiving Blessings to you all! December is right around the corner!


Michelle said...

My great aunt taught me that it's bad luck to received a knife as a gift so you put in a penny as if you're "buying" it. I wonder if there's some of that too.

LOVELY pictures.

Allison said...

That's a cool idea Michelle!! Maybe that's why she put the penny in there!

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