Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doodad Dare projects

 HOORAY!! I've completed the Doodad Dare by LaceLovin'Librarian!!! Diane sent me four tiny little doodads that I had a blast creating tatted pieces to go around each one. I posted the shuttle picture so you can see just how small these little treasures were. For the first pair I made earrings. I looked around Etsy and Google for inspiration and came up with a simple flower pattern and attached the little doodads to the lace. They turned out pretty cute!

 Here is was I did with the other two! I made matching snowflakes for Diane and I! Her snowflake is in the mail and on its way. Thank you Diane for sending me the doodads and including me on this fun adventure! These snowflakes have a fun story I'd like to share : )

Photo Courtesy - Flicker Album
It all started on Pintrest... I saw this picture, at left, and HAD to make one! The website has some really gorgeous tatted lace pieces-  be sure to check out the photo courtesy link. I really like the look of tatted rosettes and what intrigued me is that this one had picots on the chains to make it look frilly! So I made up my own rendition and wrote up a pattern. I don't consider myself very creative when it comes to making patters but I was pretty excited to be able to recreate the picture that I saw. I'll be doing a blog post all about these frilly roses soon so stay tuned! :)

So while spending a rainy day looking round and linking to a couple different blogs I found another tatting blog called: Mary's Handmade and she did a post about this very snowflake! Long story short, her blog is in Romanian, so I copied what her blog post said and plugged it into GoogleTranslate and TA-DA! I could read her blog and what she said about the snowflake! You can read her post HERE. She got the pattern from the book '24 Snowflakes' by Lene Bjorn! I might have to add that to my wish list; looks like a great book!
So that is the tale of my tatted Doodads. Quite a fun adventure!  Hope you are having a great weekend! Love from Illinois,


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love my snowflake! Thank you very much! I've tatted that snowflake from Lene Bjorn's book. I never would have thought of adding a doodad. I think that book should be on your wish list! Every snowflake is gorgeous!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Doodad Double Dare. It seems that everyone who chose to participate really enjoyed the challenge.

Ladytats said...

I like your snowflakes they are very pretty. I like your earrings too. I have that book and I recommend it. There are some very pretty patterns in it.

Allison said...

Diane, I'm so glad that yo like your snowflake Diane! The doodad dare was quite fun! I might have to pick up some more at Hobby Lobby to try!

LadyTats, I think I will have to add that book to my collection soon!

God's Kid said...

Your earrings and snowflakes look fabulous!!! :)
I got that book because of that snowflake and tried it once and messed up bad so I quit, but I am going to try again sometime. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow those are tiny. Your work is beautiful. Great job with something so tiny.

Allison said...

Thanks God's Kid and Bonnie! This was a fun challenge!

Lelia said...

oh my - that really IS SMALL

awesome tatting! Pinterest rocks, it is a nice bulletin board of ideas and inspiration (IMO)

Margarets designer cards said...

Your snowflakes are lovely, Diane's doodad challenge has grown into something really brilliant,
I have the snowflake book and they are really lovely patterns

Allison said...

Thanks Margaret! I totally agree Lelia! I love Pintrest!!

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