Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tattting, and Knitting, and Projects, OH MY!

I found this scarf pattern from LionBrandYarn and just had to make it! I'm really into scarves right now so I'll probably make one in a pink and yellow/orange. Here's the link:

Project fair crafts are going well and I've started some cross bookmarks that I'll be adding to my display and shop. I have 3 weekds to go!!


Gina said...

Allison, You asked where to get the teapot pattern and it took me a bit to track down where to find you! It's in Martha Ess's new book which you can find here:
There's even a pattern you can try at the site.

Allison said...

Thanks so much Gina! I just might have to invest in that book. It's so adorable! Love the pic of you and your kitty-kat! we have a ton of cats at our house! lol!

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