Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowflake #13 and a friend

Snowflake #13!!

This is a pattern from Jon's Pattern Page! She has a whole page devoted to Snowflake Patterns!
The one below is called Quantiesque and has a neat Celtic center so I decided to highlight that and change the color. It has an icy look to it. Tomorrow's pattern will be from her page as well! : )

And look who stopped by!!!! A little Reindeer friend from Jane Eborall's page!! What a cute little pattern. He's only about the size of a quarter but it was fun to take a break from snowflakes and tat this little guy!

Oh and here is the best news of all.... We are forecasted to get a snowstorm on Thursday! It's been such a warm December so far that we are ready for some white around here!
Have a great evening everyone!


Margarets designer cards said...

Ha ha guess what I finished this snowflake last night, but it need a good press before I can put it on the blog.
Your snowflake looks lovely and I like the way you put just a little bit of colour in it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I have the Quantiesque pattern, but I have tried it yet. Yours looks beautiful in blue and white!

I hope Rudolph does his part in bringing snow to Illinois in time for Christmas!

God's Kid said...

Great snowflake and reindeer!!! :)
Can't wait for the snow here either!! :)

Karen said...

Enjoy seeing your snowflakes. Great tatting. My snowflakes are outside today and I moved them with the shovel! Enjoy yours when they come. Karen in OR

Allison said...

Margaret - how cool that we made the same snowflake!! Diane - I recommend this pattern! It was fun to mix up the snowflakes a little bit with some celtic twists! Thanks God'sKid and Karen please send some snow this way! It's been far to green and brown here to feel like Christmas!

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