Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snowflakes #3 & #4

Since my first snowflake in this challenge took two days to complete, I made two today so I have four snowflakes on the 4th of December. I had the day off and spent it outside doing horse chores (and riding too!) and tatting this evening.

These are both Mary Konior patterns. The blue is called 'Carnivale' and the green is called 'Posy.' I know the green one isn't very snowflake-like, but with the red beads I was going for a holly-wreath motif. I'll probably put a little red ribbon on it to make the motif look more like a wreath. It still has enough of a Christmas theme to make it into the 'Snowflake-a-day' challenge : ) I've never tatted the blue pattern before and I like the shape of this motif! I may join more of these together and make a mat down the road.

There are now three of us tatting snowflakes through December. Margaret joined Diane and I today! Yippe!

It is fun to tat the same things that other gals are all over the world! I enjoyed the Lace Mat Tat-a-long that Jon did and it's fun to have a common theme amongst other bloggers.

Until next time!



God's Kid said...

Those both look really great!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely two snowflakes, mine will go on later.

Fox said...

I really like that Carnivale pattern, Allison. Which book is it from?
Fox : )

Allison said...

Hi Fox! Both patterns in this post are from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns Book :)

Fox said...

Thanks, Allison. You have prompted me to tat 2 Posys for my favourite neighbours for the holidays! So pretty.
Fox : )

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