Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tatting Christmas Presents!

 Christmas Day Snowflake - #23
 From a new tatting book I got for Christmas! I was so busy yesterday I forgot to blog about it!
 Pattern called 'Knobby Snowflake'
Tatted in Lizbeth Snow White and Wedgewood Light, size 20

This is the last snowflake for me in the December Snowflake Challenge. I really enjoyed trying to tat at least one little snowflake each day. I'm going to have to try that challenge again; perhaps with another theme like flower or star motifs during the summer. My totals were 23 snowflakes in 25 days and I'm pretty happy with that because it was a busy December! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day!

Speaking of Christmas......

Tatted presents where found under the tree yesterday! I also received Marilee Rockley's Tatted Jewelry book! I am excited to try some of her gorgeous patterns. I have a bunch of thread still left over on my shuttles from tatting snowflakes all month so I think I'll make some of her smaller earring and motif patterns.
These little presents are for a new hobby of mine - Needle felting! I took a needle felted hat class at Esther's Place Fiber Art Studio last month and was totally hooked! My sister got me felting needles with a wooden tool and my mom got me a beautiful pin cushion! I made the little owl yesterday from some wool left over from my hat- so fun!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!


God's Kid said...

Great snowflake!! :)
Have fun with the new books during the new year!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Allison

I also enjoyed tatting the snowflakes, and posting one every day, thank you for the comments you left on my blog. Another challenge bring it on but in a few months time please.
I too had a couple of books for Christmas and started tatting a teapot from one of them last night.
Have a nice day

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm amazed at the number of snowflakes you made so quickly! I don't seem to have that kind of discipline these days. I admit to spending more time reading blogs about tatting than I do actually tatting!

I'm also surprised when I see snowflakes from books that I've looked at countless times, which all of a sudden jump out when someone tats them in different colors or simply shows them on their blog!

I didn't recognize the Knobby Snowflake at all! I've done several of Monica Hahn's patterns and am so glad she somehow got her patterns published back before the internet and the new 'awareness' of tatting. And it seems her books were actually IN the craft stores and were seen by those passing by. I was lucky enough to come across them in 1989, just as I was learning to tat - and before I met up with the tatting group I now demo with! So glad you now have this classic book!

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