Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lavender and Jelly Beans

Weird title, huh? Well those are the names of the threads of my latest projects. I finished a medium doily called the "Daffodil Doily" from the Learn to Tat book. Mine is not quite like the picture. *sighs* Ahhh well, it's probably because I used a size 20 thread and the directions call for something a little bigger. I love reverse rings, so I was a little disappointed that mine doesn't look as nice as the picture in the book.

I got kind of creative with the second picture here. My family and I use Young Living's essential oils. We use them for medicinal purposes and other things like cleaners or just to smell nice. I just love 'em! There are oils for everything from indigestion to bug bites. And the best part is that they smell great and there are NO side effects! I have some small bottles that I carry with me always; Lavender for cuts and scrapes, Peppermint for an upset tummy, and a blend of oils called Joy for a perfume. Check out the Young Living website!

Now for the jelly beans! I'm thinking of making this little project into a one-of-a-kind watch band. You can find inexpensive watches at thrift stores, so I think I'll look around and see if I can find a style that would look nice with the pattern and colors. And if all else fails it will be a superb bookmark! The pattern uses split rings and I really like it.

So that's all. I haven't been tatting a whole lot lately but I have some ideas for my next is a sneak peak!

I went out to a local observatory with my dad last night and we had such a good time! We saw some binary stars, the Ring Nebula, a fuzzy Andromeda galaxy, and we even looked at the moon through their large telescope. Right now in the Midwest we are at the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. So something fun to do is to sit out late at night, when the breezes are cool and the moon hasn't come up yet, and look to the North and East and see if you can't spot a shooting star!
My family and I are off to the fair tonight so I'll let you know how my pieces did! Have a great week everyone!
Much Love,

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Unknown said...

Cute blog post title! Your tatted pieces are very pretty! The experience at the observatory sounds very cool! :)

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