Monday, August 17, 2009

Needle Tatting

More adventures in the realm of needle tatting!

I got the bug again to give needle tatting a try and it went surprisingly well. I followed instructions from MaryJane Butter's Stitching Room book. The instructions finally make sense!! This book is so cool. There are all kinds of farmgirl sewing and needle crafts projects in this book and I can't wait to make one of her aprons. This book is also special to me because this is where I first saw tatting and fell in love with it. As I looked through the book it was the tatting that really stuck out to me. I asked my mom about it and 'lo-and-behold' she had a gal at work that did tatting and was going to take a class. So that is how it all got started way back in November of 2008. I'm nearing my 1-year tatting anniversary!! How fun!

So as for the needle tatting excursion itself, I think I did pretty well. The reason that the first 3 rings are 'bumpy' is because the needle I was using was too big. So after I realized that I switched to a smaller one the rings and chains that followed looked much cleaner. I'll try some other patterns later.
Alrighty, off to start another day on the farm and I think I'll go and sit in our Adirondack chairs in the front lawn and enjoy the company of my beloved family.
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