Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School is IN!

Well, I had my first day of college on Monday. I'm surprised at how well it went. I am taking 5 classes this semester; 2 are on the easy side and the other three are quite in depth. My mom insisted on taking 'First Day' pictures so the picture at left is me getting into my car about to head off to the wild-blue-yonder of COLLEGE! Anyway, since school is in I hardly have time to tat anymore, but I am working on a square, antique doily. I'm for sure going to Genoa's Pioneer Days to demo tatting with a lace-makers guild that I just joined. I was google-ing doilies so I could have something to work on and ran across this website: Antiquepatternlibrary.com

There are a TON of older tatting books/patterns. The pattern I used is titled he Priscilla Tatting Book, Selections of Useful Articles from The Modern Priscilla, with Beautiful Designs Never Before Published by Jessie M. DeWitt. It's pretty cool to look at all the old patterns. There were a lot of bonnets that look really cool.

Well, I don't have much to report other then school starting.


Sewicked said...

Congrats on starting college.

Jack said...

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Allison said...

Thanks everyone! It's going pretty well for the first week.

Bonnie said...

i hope you have a great time in college, it's alot of work but i hope you have a good time meeting new people and enjoying the new life experiences

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