Thursday, August 13, 2009


The judges have collaborated and the ribbons awarded. *Drum roll please* Allison Henze places FOURTH in the Tatted Hankie Edging category! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

As you can tell, our family went to the fair last night. It was cool when the sun went down and boy did we have a nice time. First we went straight to the Exhibition hall where the tatted pieces were and to my surprise I placed! There were around 10 or so tatted entries total which is quite a step up from the TWO last year. They almost dropped the category, but all the gals from my tatting classes pulled together and contributed quite a bit.

My dear friend Sarah showed a lovely doily that placed fourth in the 'Any tatted piece' category. CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!! I just love the colors that she chose!

My black 'Arches' doily didn't place but looked real pretty in the display case.

I even ran into my tatting teacher there! Marleen was looking at our pieces too and was very proud of us. As a teacher she couldn't show any of her creations but she said that she was glad to see so many entries. I forgot to tell you all; at our last tatting class Marleen brought up the option to help demonstrate at a local event called 'Pioneer Days' in Genoa, IL (which is just southeast of here). I am quite excited because I may be demonstrating! I'm gonna get all the details so that is something new that I'll keep you all updated on!

After that my family headed over to the pony tent where my friend and co-worker Danielle is keeping her miniature horses for the week. The picture is of Dani and I with her mini Opie. I'll be headed out there tomorrow to hang out all day and watch the fireworks on Friday, spend the night, and watch her show on Saturday. Next we all walked around the livestock barns and ate ice cream. Our favorites this year were a bunch of Clydesdale's. There were 6 or so down a row of stalls. What gentle giants! There noses were so big and they were all so itchy! So all in all not a bad night. Blessings for the weekend everyone!


Tatskool said...

Well done Allison, your tatting is top class. The arches doiley looks splendid in black, I bet it was tiring to tat.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Congratulations Allison!! Your hanky edging is lovely!! So is your black arches doily. It should have placed too!! Also congratulations to your friend Sara. Her doily is pretty too and such lushious color of thread. Good luck with the tatting demo. Should be lots of fun.

Love the music selection on your site :)

Happy Tatting!

Allison said...

Thank you! I'll be showing next year for sure!

Leafwoman said...

Congratulations to you too Allison!
Tatskool is right, your tatting is top class and and you are an inspiration to me :) Andy was shocked the black doily didn't place, he really liked it (me too). I can't wait for Pioneer Days, it'll be fun to see you demonstrating and see what other laces Marleen brings along.

Allison said...

yayayayayay Sarah! I was wondering if I could demo too!!! do you have Marleen's email address? I want to get the info from her. Is there still room! I'm so excited that you will be there! :D

Leafwoman said...

hehe I'm not going to demo. I thought it would be fun to watch you ;) I don't know the details, but we can ask Marleen on the 20th.

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